Company history

In 1988, PrimaVera Naturkorn Mühle was founded by the merger of the two craft mills Löffl + Holzner (Stepfenmühle Dorfen) and Kobler mill (Sägmühle in Tann). Since the 70s of the last century, both mills have been in possession of the families Holzner and Kobler respectively.

Of the Sägmühle in Tann, the earliest records go back to the 17th century, whereas the Stepfemühle Dorfen was first mentioned in official documents in 1481. The declared goal of the two master craftsmen in milling Holzner and Kobler was to continue this centuries-old family tradition. Another partner and production manager was won by Joseph Gaigl, former manager of Stepfenmühle. The Rosenmühle located in Landshut joined as a cooperation partner and fourth shareholder.

In 1990, the mill which was by then called 'Walzmühle' was purchased. While the outer, well-preserved fabric of the mill was maintained, the facade was visually modernised and renewed. However, for a modern, technically advanced milling technology, it was necessary that the interior of the building was completely gutted. Equipment for grain receiving, cleaning, peeling, grinding, flaking, packing and loading was newly installed and the entire infrastructure completely renewed.

Through the combination of craftsmanship and sophisticated technical knowledge of the industrial production, the necessary efficiency increase has been achieved. Thanks to that, PrimaVera is now prepared to meet future challenges and demands and get the most out of the opportunities in the competition.