Storage, distribution, product format

A smooth in-house production flow requires state of the art storage and computer technology. Our efficient, fully automated packaging facilities and our fully automated storage building guarantee a high turnover rate of our goods as well as cost-efficient and fast dispatch.

Safe storage protection is vital for both the baby food business and the organic sector. Our two pressure chambers enable us to make our goods safe and storable using exclusively pressure and CO2 from natural sources.

We deliver our products in both small packages and sacks as well as in big bags or food tankers. PrimaVera disposes of an efficient lorry fleet and cooperates with high-performance haulage contractors. This interaction is designed for all common transport units and enables PrimaVera to fulfil any delivery requirement.

Our transport units:

Lieferung im Big Bag
Lieferung in Säcken
Lieferung in Kleinpackungen