Production line for products with gluten


Spelt hulling line

Thanks to our own plant for shelling spelt, we not only have the opportunity of hulling the raw spelt and thus separating the grains from the husk. Additionally, we can also guarantee the highest possible product quality due to the integrated cleaning.

In this cleaning process, a destoner ensures the absence of stones or other high-density particles in the further processing or in the spelt grains.


Cereal cleaning

With our powerful cereal cleaning technique, 100% perfect basic cereals can be guaranteed. A destoner similar to the one embedded in the spelt hulling line already ensures a very high quality.

However, to achieve even higher quality, we make use of a special scrubbing machine and table separator which clean out even the smallest particles such as dirt and unhulled grains. In this case the scrubbing machine brushes the grains. By doing this, adhering soil and dirt can be removed without hurting the grains themselves.

Last but not least, the ultimate in cleaning quality is ensured by an optical sorter, which identifies defective items and foreign material on the basis of colour and shape and separates them from the product.

Thanks to all these steps, PrimaVera performs with an excellent and unprecedented grain quality, which makes us to a leading raw material supplier for the baby food industry.


Flaking line

As a first step on the flaking line for cereals with gluten, grains are treated with steam to make them soft and suitable for flaking. It is worth mentioning the splitting of fat which is a major side effect of the heat treatment and leads to a significant prolongation of the shelf life of our products. Afterwards, unless they are not processed to thermally treated flours on the mill, the heated grains are transferred to the flaking roller mill. There, the soft grains are squeezed batchwise to the flock size the customer desires. Furthermore, other quality-specific parameters such as the water absorption can be controlled in this step.

Our flaking plant for products containing gluten (year of construction 2010) is working on a very high quality level. Thanks to the fully automatic packaging and palletizing plant, highest hygiene standards are met. In addition, a clean and tidy palletizing is guaranteed.


Roll mill

Our roll mill for products with gluten is universally applicable. This enables us to offer a wide range of products covering a variety of cereal raw materials. During the production process, the mill can flexibly be adapted to the respective needs. For example, during the manufacturing of superfine flour, the endosperm is step by step isolated from the hull (bran) in the roller mill. Afterwards, it is separated with a filter. In simple terms, the cleaned and thermally treated grains are split (except whole meal flour where the whole grain is milled). Thanks to this, we can produce a variety of products batchwise and thus satisfy individual customer requirements.

Production line for gluten-free products

Cleaning and hulling line

Similar to the above mentioned spelt hulling line, our gluten-free shelling system is built on the latest technological standards to guarantee highest product quality. Like in the spelt hulling, a destoner and an optical sorter detected and skim the smallest impurities. Depending on the request for further processing, the cleaned raw materials are afterwards hulled and distributed batchwise to the subsequent systems and processes.

Flaking line

Thanks to the complete separation of the production of gluten-free and gluten containing products from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process, an unintentional contamination of our gluten-free products can be excluded. In the flaking line for gluten-free products, only gluten-free cereals such as rice, maize, millet or buckwheat, amaranth and quinoa are heated. Again, the treatment with steam is used to make the grains soft and suitable for flaking. Like with products containing gluten, the splitting of fat occurs as a positive side effect. Thus, a longer shelf life of the products can be guaranteed. If they are not upgraded to thermally treated flour, the heated grains are transported to the flaking roller mill where they are squeezed batchwise to flakes.

Gluten-free mill

The gluten-free mill offers a variety of settings and empowers us to produce almost any mill product in the gluten-free segment at the highest quality level. After cleaning and heat treatment, the grains are transferred to the mill. Of course, the flexibility and adjustment of the mill to the various sorts of grain play a major role.

Rice mill

With the rice mill, our state of the art machinery is complemented. Here, many products are manufactured from raw rice. Of course, we also follow the ultimate goal to produce the best quality here.

The upstream cleaning ensures the supply of best quality grains. Hence, our batchwise produced rice grits are ideal for baby food in jars.