Raw materials & partners

PrimaVera Naturkorn GmbH considers itself as a manufacturer of cereal products with special requirements. The intensive support of farmers, the securing of the storage and the transport are essential elements of a unique guarantee for quality and origin.

A differentiated analysis system ensures that all incoming raw materials are examined on pesticides, contaminants, genetic modification, as well as on allergens. The incomparable diversity of our process lines enables the processing of a large range of cereals, pseudo-cereals and legumes, as well as the realization of individual customer requirements.

Product safety and traceability determine the quality of our products. Thereby, the quality assurance starts on the fields.

This is why we dispose of a specialized purchasing department which has for many years been committed to more than just buying cereals. Throughout the year, we provide our farmers with professional counselling to ensure the best possible quality of our raw materials.

We attach great importance to premium quality not only at the delivery but throughout the whole production process – from the seeds through the fields to our storage. Only if we control this process optimally at all stages can we deliver products that meet the high demands of our customers.

We maintain direct contact with our growers, counsel them and check their adherence to our quality requirements regularly. This leads to open, trustful and long-lasting partnerships with our growers.

Especially in southern Germany, agricultural structures are relatively small and scattered. Therefore, we cooperate closely with the producer associations of organic growers´ associations. They organize the purchase of cereals for us. This is our contribution to preserving our country´s small farming structures long term.

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