Baby food

In close cooperation with baby food producers, we have developed a special control system with analysis matrices specific for raw materials. We thus meet the special security and quality requirements for the production of baby food according to the German dietary regulation for babies and young children as well as to the VO (EU) Nr. 609/2013

Fostering and maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers and the direct procurement of raw materials from producers enable the fulfilment of special requirements for the production of raw materials for the baby food industry. The specifications are defined in cultivation and transportation agreements which are confirmed by our suppliers. Regular supplier audits and analyses of the raw materials help to verify this qualification constantly.

For the identification and control of dangers, we maintain a HACCP system as well as a preventive program according to IFS and DIN ISO 22000. Thanks to the implementation of a pest control system and specific hygiene measures, our production and storage is free of synthetic storage preservatives. This creates the conditions for a production of safe and residue-free cereal cereals.