Production lines

Now operating eight completely separate production lines PrimaVera is able to manufacture nearly all milling products.

To satisfy the varied wishes of our customers, we currently have 200 silos for raw materials, intermediate and finished products. This enables us to produce all products batchwise and tailor-made for the individual customers.

A windowless milling unit, filtrated process air, excess pressure in the production rooms, pipeworks made of stainless steel and state of the art milling technology guarantee the ultimate in hygienic processing. Since its very foundation, PrimaVera has been processing gluten-free cereals in Mühldorf. Nowadays, almost a quarter of our products are gluten-free.

To ensure that our products are absolutely free of gluten, we have made substantial investments since 1990. Over time, we have acquired completely separate facilities with gluten-free silo plants, separate cleaning, dehulling, flaking and packaging facilities as well as a separate gluten laboratory.

Our high-quality production complete with strict hygiene control has earned us a leading role on the German organic and dietary regulations.


Gluten-free cereals

luten-free cereals such as maize, rice, millet and many others are processed on separate plants. Thus, we can exclude any mixing with gluten-containing products from the receipt of the raw material in separate silos, to the processing, the storage and the packaging.

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