Quality assurance

Absolute traceability throughout the production process is essential for us.

By carefully selecting our growers and working with them on a long term basis, we can exclude contamination of our raw materials with pesticides. Mycotoxins like DON and fumonisin or other basic contamination such as heavy metals can only be contained by prudent siting, careful cultivation and counselling of our growers.

In order to eliminate any residual risk for our customers, we rely on a twofold safety system: Straight after harvesting, the storage samples are analysed. The content of mycotoxins is examined in our in-house laboratory. An external, accredited laboratory ensures that our cereals are free of pesticide and heavy metal residues. Only if the examined raw material meets our quality standards do we admit it for processing. Every single lorry load is re-checked and re-examined by an external laboratory to detect any pollution. Therefore, transport and storage are equally subjected to our permanent quality control.

Applying this system of quality control, we can ensure that our products, if desired, comply with the German Dietary Regulations for infants and young children; – or with the ‘EC Directive for Baby Food (2006/141/EC).