Teff as one of the smallest existing cereal sorts is therefore also known as „Zwerghirse“ in German - „Zwerg“ means dwarf. The sweet grass grows in tropical and subtropical areas where it is valued as a basic food like in Ethiopia.

Teff best thrives on dry and wet soils. The crop grows to a height of 40-80 cm and peaks in a 15-25cm panicle with stems whereof each one produces up to 12 blossoms. One teff plant produces up to 10.000 seeds with a diameter of less than one millimeter. That’s the reason why teff is always processed unpeeled. The grains are red, white or brown.

Customers value teff not only because it´s gluten-free. It is very rich in ferric, calcium, amino acid, vitamin C and protein. Therefore people with vegetarian or vegan diet like to use teff for preparing their meals. Despite the lack of gluten teff can still be used as a baking ingredient. People also mix it in their mueslis or salads or use it as an ingredient for stews.

Our teff products

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