Chickpeas belong to the family of the papilionaceous plants and therein the legumes. The first traces of the high protein crop plant date back to the Neolithic period.

The one year old plants need warmth and thrive on nutrient-poor and slightly sandy soils. They grow herbaceous and lightly-branched and are covered with sticky glandular hairs. The white, violet or deep purple blossoms of the chickpeas sprout individually and on long stems. In the leaf axils of the pinnated leaves the crops grow in typical pods and each of them contains one to three irregular formed seeds with beige, brown or black peel.

Among other positive aspects, chickpeas are highly appreciated in the vegan and vegetarian cuisine because they have a high share of protein, ferric, vitamin B and magnesium and also contain a lot of fibre. They have a soft nutty taste and that´s why not only the oriental kitchen likes to use them. Well-known dishes are hummus, falafel or curry.

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